A Place to keep (Gossip)BBM was surprised this week that there wasn’t another piece of Justin Bieber merchandise for us to mock. They’re milking that cow worse than the Twilight saga!

But Warner Bros. may take the cake, recently trademarking the Quidditch name for a whole range of products, including lingerie. You heard us right.

We think it’s time for Warner Bros. to release the range next year to coincide with the final film – Who wouldn’t want quidditch lingerie?! We can see the advertising campaign right now – “Steal your Snitch inside a pair of Quidditch underwear” – it’s easy money, we tell ya!

In other Harry Potter news, it has been alleged that one of the stars has fathered a baby, if the secretsharing website ‘Post Secret’ is anything to go by.

Tom Felton, who plays Draco, posted on Twitter that ‘i can be cancelled out of this equation’

That leaves Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Jason Isaacs, twins James and Oliver Phelps and Alan Rickman.