Keeping Momsen (Gossip)IT’S a transformation that Lady Gaga would be proud of – Taylor Momsen’s spiral fromGirl-Next-Door to Courtney Love’s lovechild.

Seriously, look at the photo evidence, that isn’t a halloween costume on the right. It’s apparently appropriate attire for a red carpet event. Now Taylor has been suspended from her role on Gossip Girl, where she has only appeared in four episodes of the current season. Just quietly, we’re upset producers didn’t use the old soap route and recast another blonde into the role. We love when that happens.

During her hiatus, the young star will also be juggling her role as the face of both Madonna’s Material Girl fashion line and John Galliano’s latest perfume campaign, which we’re sure is paying a lot more than being the only blonde on Gossip Girl we can
actually understand (hello, mumbling Blake Lively if you’re reading).

It doesn’t seem like punishment either, as a source told US Magazine that “She only does [the show] for the money. She doesn’t care about the plot or the other cast members. She treats it like a 9-5. No emotional investment.”

You have to remember, she’s only seventeen and, ignoring the awkward breastflashing at concerts, we all go through a rebellious phase as children. BBM is no different, remember we once were British Balls for pete’s sake!

Then again, we might just be waiting until her 18th birthday to proclaim how fit she actually is. July 26, here we come!