The Price is Right (Gossip)WE presume you have better things to do than follow Katie ‘Jordan’ Price on Twitter every minute of the day, so we’ll break the horrifying news – she has revealed to her Twitter followers that she is to launch a new reality TV show called Jordan Idol.

The show, part of Katie’s multimillion-pound contract with Living TV, will see her leading a search for the next glamour model. Meanwhile, Peter Andre is hosting the local pub’s talent search every Tuesday after the meat raffle.

She stated that women of all shapes and sizes were welcome to try out for the show, but warned ‘individuality is a must to audition for Jordan Idol’. She denied reports that wannabes would have to fight husband Alex Reid in a UFC fight to advance to the next round, which is a shame because BBM really was looking forward to it.

Apparently, Katie made the decision to go ahead with the show after so many of her fans asked for her secrets on how she found fame, and she was running out of her plastic surgeon’s business cards.

Katie believes she is getting too old for modelling and that she is keen to find a youngster capable of taking over from her, which is a shame because her son is eight years old. Surely they could’ve been a big hit over on Toddlers and Tiaras?