Graffiti homesNo longer does graffiti need to be a bad thing. A home in southampton had £20, 000 extra added onto it’s value due to Banksy’s piece of a boy on the garden wall.

The artists work is famous and already dozens have travelled to look and take pictures of this image on the 6ft garden wall. It shows a picture of a boy holding a balloon and the words ‘no future.’

Although the painting has been there for a number of weeks it has only just been announced that it is his work. Keith Sekree owner of TAOI Gallery in Shamrock says ‘It is really unusual for him to do such a random piece. Usually there is a point to him being there. It is the first time he has been to Southampton and it is fantastic for the city.’ It might be fantastic for the city but what about the people who’s garden wall this piece of ‘art’ is been on? Are they happy or not after all it is private property.