Lindsay_Lohan_1920x1200We don’t know whether the news about Lindsay Lohan’s career being salvaged by Quentin Tarantino makes us happy, sad, nostalgic or down right scared.
The celebrated director, who has managed to revive the careers of flailing Hollywooders such as John Travolta, Uma Thurman, and Pam Grier, has apparently been very impressed by Lohan on the set of his mate’s new film Machete and plans to cast her in his next release.
However, we would like to point out to Mr Tarantino, that at no point have any of the aforementioned actors ever had as much negative press as La LocoLohan and he may well have met his match there.
Also, what the hell will we write about if she sorts her life out?
She has been a massive part of the BBM Gossip pages for sometime now. Rest assured we’ll miss her falling out of clubs with her knickers round her ankles and a cloud of coke pluming behind her.