David CameronWell that’s it then. There’s no need to go to the polling stations in May because the UK’s women have already cast their votes. According to figures, David Cameron has beaten Gordon Brown by a clear two-and-a-half inches.
That’s right.The UK’s bored housewives have bypassed all those tedious party manifestos and targeted the main issues. Namely, who has the biggest cock. The survey, carried out by an online dating website and which asked 4,000 housewives to guess the size of well-known people’s manhoods, ranked Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson as the donkey’s kong of show business with a ten-and-a-quarter-inch dick. Second came chef Gordon Ramsay, with women believing him to have a nine-and-a-half incher.
Cameron was the top ranking politician.
A spokesman for classy-named dating website F-buddy.co.uk said: “The majority of the blokes in the poll have huge egos and women clearly think some have packages to match.”