EVEN when BBM gets a thirst for blood we never go as far as to harm someone to get the stuff. That’s just sick. Last time we just car-jacked a Sani-Fresh Bin Van and went to town.

It’s a victimless crime.

The same cannot be said for 24-year-old Aaron Homer (pictured) who has pleaded guilty to aggravated assault after stabbing his housemate when he wouldn’t let him suck his blood.

Stab victim Bella Robert Maley admits that he had let Homer suck his blood before in the home they share with the stabber’s girlfriend. Apparently she has even worse “taste” than her boyfriend.

Sorry, pun intended.

Maley said the pair were into “vampire stuff.” No shit.

Homer was placed on probation and ordered not to come within 500 metres of Maley who has been fitted with an alarmed device linked electronically to Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Homer called Maley a “tease” as he shut the lid on his coffin and popped off to sleep.