MOST people prefer sunny side up, scrambled or poached, and there is always that one creep that prefers a fried egg. But more recently the people of China are trying to make it possible to have a piss boiled egg (what’s with the urine stories this week?).

Really China? This is quite possibly the nastiest addition to an egg in the history of mankind – well, ever since Lady Gaga at the Grammys.

To make things worst, the makers (pictured) claim that the best urine comes from 10 year old boys. Before you ask, they do go to schools and collect the precious lemonade daily.

Nothing really says delicious like an egg boiled in a 10 year old’s wee, right?

Those damn Chinese people, just trying to compete with Japan’s successful global marketing of sushi. Imagine asking your boss what kind of urine egg he wanted for breakfast; the dehydrated, or an over hydrated piss egg? Gross.