BBM can think of many reasons to call in sick to work on a Monday morning, but they’d most likely be fantastical tales fashioned from the loose grip of reality leftover from a weekends boozing.

However, we have to say we’re pretty impressed with Zimbabwean Scott Brand who teaches at £15,000 a year Cumnor House School in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

Whilst on holiday in his native Zimbabwe, the 21-year-old teacher decided to get totally and utterly bladdered and wrestle a 4-foot long crocodile… as you do.

Things didn’t quite go to plan (to everybody’s surprise) and he ended up with several gashes in his arm.

Commenting on the incident, Brand said that “I saw a four-foot long croc and just jumped in and grabbed it. It went nuts and was really going for me and it eventually got a hold of my left arm and bit down.”

He also had the best solution, stating that “It was bloody sore but I got back on land and just poured some vodka over it and bandaged it up.”

Basically, upon returning to the UK, he realised the wound was infected and told the school he’d be needing a couple of days off. Now that really is commitment to not working!