WHAT the fuck kind of name is Lorworth Hoare? His parents have set this poor twat up for disaster with a name like that, so it should be expected that he commit at the very least one major crime at some point in his life.

No wonder he changed his name to Edward Thomas.

Nowadays, when the convicted rapist isn’t trying to lure people into his van, he enjoys watching the outside world with his CC-TV setup on the perimeters of his 700,000 pound mansion.

He also enjoys abstract art and nude sculptures. Is it just us or does it sound like he now fits the profile of a serial killer?

It has been noted that Hoare (pictured) enjoys spending his monthly allowance of around 8,500 pounds on art created by up and coming female artists.

As asinine as this all sounds, it is 100% true, according to The Sun – which means nothing is accurate. Those fools are so stupid they still haven’t heard about the Earthquake in Japan.