Filthy Affair Laid Bare

It’s been a desperate, clichéd plot for unfunny sitcoms for decades, and now the classic joke of “naked man gets locked outside after being forced to flee from a jealous husband” has come true thanks to a bloke in Argentina.
The randy bastard was chased through the streets of Bariloche – wearing just a pair of socks and trainers – by a bloke with a knife. It’s not quite as good as the 100m final in Rio but hats off to Argentina for trying to beat Brazil at their own game.
To make matters worse for the starkers sprinter, it was 6C outside at the time – so severe shrinkage would’ve only worsened his embarrassment.
Local reports said the unnamed woman’s husband left for work before unexpectedly returning and finding her lover hiding under the bed when his suspicions were aroused by the barking of his pet dog.