If dark dystopian future sci-fi flicks like Terminator, the Matrix, Blade Runner and, erm, Wall-E have taught us anything, it’s that robots can’t be trusted and will enslave us all at the first chance they get.
And leading the charge is the Russian robot known as Promobot, who BBM has already done stories on after he broke out of his lab and went on the run a couple of months ago. Twice.
Well now the cyber-felon has taken things up a notch after getting arrested at a political rally for Valery Kalachev, a candidate for the Russian Parliament, who had rented the robot for his campaign.
Police have not confirmed why they detained the machine – but hilariously, there is footage of them trying to put handcuffs on it. Frankly, the shifty robot should be grateful he wasn’t arrested by American cops. He does have a black monitor for a head after all.