Police dog doesn't like to bite - Jonathan Anderson pic 2It’s a tough employment market at the moment, but spare a thought for Vegas, the 19 month old German Shepherd who failed to make it as a police dog after refusing to bite in training.
Despite jumping through windows, ignoring gunshots and barking on command, the ruff justice (sorry) was dished out by Northumbria Police after she hesitated to bite officers pretending to be criminals in training exercises. Vegas, who is also afraid of children, had to walk away from her prospective career with her tail between her legs.
Dog Section Sergeant John Sim said ‘Surprisingly, not all dogs find it natural to bite. He added “She didn’t possess the qualities to make it as a police dog. Dogs have to take hold of whatever or whoever they are chasing and keep hold until instructed to let go. She will make a lovely pet, though.”
It is likely Vegas will now start a career in politics, focusing on Canine Rights in Korea.



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