File under weird and inappropriate James Blunt Funny News

James Blunt Funny News Throwback
Seriously, who’d want to hang out with James Blunt? Well Sir Elton apparently, and what’s more queer is apparently Elton was in his pants…let’s investigate, over to James, “I found myself in Denver on my own, on my birthday, just passing through, someone sent a bottle of champagne to my hotel room and the record label sent me some chicken wings.
Then the phone rang and it was Elton saying, “Hey James, what are you doing?” I said, “I’m celebrating on my own”. He said, “come round”. He was playing there. We hung out throughout the day, he sat in his dressing room, in his underwear, while I was helping him choose clothes for the concert.” We’re sure James’ mother is really pleased that her son is hanging out with a 63 year old half naked man, more to the point since when has Elton’s hubby been ok with this sort of behaviour!

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