Peter better Crouch and hide

So we know the whole world is thinking the same thing; Why on earth did that lanky streak of piss cheat on such a beautiful woman with a teenage hooker? But now it would seem the celeb (be it z-list) world is throwing in their bit to boot!
Danielle Lloyd has spoken out about her plans for Peter Crouch’s wayward balls after he cheated on finance Abbey Clancy. Speaking on the scandal the perma-tanned wag said, “I feel so sorry for her. Getting cheated on is bad enough but it’s even worse if your man pays a prostitute for sex. If I was in Abbey’s situation, I’d dump him. In fact I’d probably chop his balls off, then dump him!” We’d expect nothing less than aggression from Lloyd, after all she is accustomed to getting into fisty cuffs on a regular basis! She later highlighted the finer points of wag-dom saying, “Abbey could do much better. She’s a gorgeous girl and her career’s going really well, so she doesn’t need Peter financially.” Ah we get it now, so that’s why usually when wag’s like Cheryl Cole and Coleen Rooney get cheated on they only stick it out until their famous enough or get pregnant in order to keep their lifestyles in check before going solo. We kid, we kid!