Green Eyed Peas

So we know that Will.I.Am has had the hots for Cheryl Cole for ages now, but now he’s trying to sabotage her relationship with rumoured new flame Derek Hough. He’s desperately been trying to track down Cheryl to warn her about Derek’s womanising ways, but alas to no avail as yet. A source commented about the Black Eyed Peas member saying, ‘Will claims he hasn’t heard the best things about Derek from mutual acquaintances. He says he’s heard that Derek is a bit of a player with a real eye for the ladies and he’s anxious he’ll hurt her like Ashley did.” Looks like a blatant case of jealousy as, as far as the rest of the world can see Derek hasn’t left Cheryl’s side for months as the two remain firmly in each other’s pockets. We’re sure Will will get bored as soon as he finds some new little pop star to barely sing on his tracks in an attempt to bang them.