sexdrugsandtheappearanceThe Sex, drugs, and the appearance of a hole.
You’ve just got to love a bit of lack of sexual education. A distressed Malawian man claims that he has been cursed by his ex wife and has grown female genitalia, which is, of course, physically impossible. Commenting on his strange experience, 25-year-old Jali Mateyu said “Two years ago I developed strange human flesh on my anus and my wife confirmed to me that they were female genitals but they disappeared.” Mateyu explained. “But in June this year they reappeared just between the anus and the genitals. My member shrunk and later disappeared. There were only female genitals,” he continued. It gets more hookey kookey of course as Mateyu then sought the help of a traditional healer who cut them and sprinkled herbs on them, but alas his male genitalia has reappeared but is too weak for him to perform in bed. Apparently it’s very itchy down there and bleeds if you scratch it…sounds like a huge case of STI’s to us!