fish_1396516cThank the lord that police are finally clamping down on criminals. Oh no, wait. They’re not. A 66-year old pet shop owner from Manchester has been fined £1000, placed under curfew and ordered to wear an electronic tag for two months, all because she sold a goldfish to an underage boy. That’s right. Not pornography. Not alcohol. And not cigarettes. Just a fish.
Unsuspecting Joan Higgins was the victim of sting, when authorities used a 14-year old boy with a chronic fish-addiction to tempt the old lady into parting with her goods. Once the transaction was completed, council workers swooped in and put an end to her illegal trading.
Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, it is illegal to sell pets – including fish – to anyone under 16-years of age, unless they’re accompanied by an adult.
It’s not all bad news for Higgins. Thanks to her curfew, she was also unable to attend a Rod Stewert concert for which she had tickets. Every cloud, Joan. Every cloud.