Sir-Alex-FunnyIF there’s one thing BBM loves more than hiding in the bushes round the back of Cheryl Cole’s house with our cock out, it’s waggling our fingers in front of our nose and saying: “Ha! Told you so!”
Regular readers of BBM, who clearly spend too much time picking up free magazines in pubs, will know that we’ve been predicting Chelsea for the title since before the start of the season. Even when everyone was getting their knickers in a twist at the prospect of Arsenal going top and every other sentence we heard was “they’ve got the easiest run in”, never once did we waiver from our slurred drunken rants of: “That paedophile Wenger’s bound to fuck it up. Bunch of kids. It’s Chelsea first, Man Utd second and Arsenal third. I’ll bet me fucking cock on it… who you looking at pal. I’ll gash ya!”
Well, conveniently ignoring the fact that we thought betting on Chelsea for the big three trophies a couple of months ago might be a decent shout, it looks like BBM has been proven right.
Chelsea’s controversial 2-1 win at Old Trafford last week has left them in pole position in the title race. And while experience tells us never to completely rule out Sir Alex Purplenose and his red minions, we feel Carlo Ancelotti’s too smart to let things slip now. Plus Carlo hit the nail on the head when he claimed United are not the same team without the injured Wayne Rooney.
“Rooney is a fantastic player who is difficult to replace with another player,” said Carlo. “Berbatov is good but Rooney is totally different. Rooney can sometimes come back to receive the ball and use it for all the team and then he can attack in any direction. He is an unbelievable player.”
Wise words Carlo, although United without Rooney are still nowhere near as bad as Liverpool without Torres.