fabio_capello_rueda_prensaREPENT! Repent! The end is nigh! There are no English clubs left in the Champions League, the world as we know it is set to crumble as the standard of British club football slips inevitably down the world rankings until, in six years time, Chelsea will be playing Glentoran in July to qualify for the Europa League. Phil Thompson would be turning in his grave, if he were dead.
That seems to be the angle that most tabloid hacks have taken following Man United and Arsenal’s predictable exit from Europe’s premier competition last week.
And while BBM concedes that top English club quality ain’t what it used to be, we’re inclined to feel this season is the exception that proves the rule. For there’s only one reason why Barcelona will cruise to the Champions League title this year. It’s because they’ve been given a huge helping hand by Real Madrid. To quote Bart Simpson, the ironing is delicious.
It’s simple really. For the last five years the Champions League has been a battle between Barcelona and the four English clubs, with Milan occasionally getting in the mix. The reason Liverpool are crap this year is because they sold Alonso to Madrid. The reason United aren’t as good this year is because they sold Ronaldo to Madrid. And the reason Chelsea, Liverpool and United didn’t make big name signings over the summer has as much to do with Madrid spending fucking billions buying every player out there who might conceivably improve their squad, as it has the GFC. And Arsenal may appear to be better this year but it’s only because the other ‘big four’ clubs aren’t as good – the Gunners will still finish third and reach the quarters in the Champs League as usual.
Madrid’s Galacticos also had the good grace to shoot themselves in the foot (what a surprise) to leave a clear path to the final for Barcelona.
So why does BBM still think Inter might sneak it? Go figure.
And look on the bright side, at least this means Messi will be knackering himself out by playing in the Big Game just before the World Cup while England’s players watch the match poolside in South Africa. It’s all coming good.