RevengeTHE Irish just couldn’t let it lie, could they, and now one company is suing the French government.
Weeks, nay, months after Thierry le Cheat’s handball, it seemed the country had finally come to terms with being unceremoniously dumped out of the World Cup. But then last week, little Ryanair, the pauper’s airline, finally snapped.
They’re suing our garlic-chomping friends from across the Channel for a cool €110m. And even sneakier, they’re pretending it has nothing to do with that match.
Ryanair say they’re suing the French government for improperly aiding Air France.
In a statement, the carrier claims Air France provided “unlawful state aid to Air France in the form of reductions in airport charges on domestic routes.”
Air France bosses deny the claims. But, then, so did Thierry.