notting hill carnivalThings were looking a bit on the shady side for the annual Notting Hill Carnival held every August bank holiday after the riots provoked panic about whether there would be more trouble brought to London’s streets during carnival. 20,000 police will be despatched on the Sunday and Monday of Notting Hill Carnival, but Festival organiser Christopher Boothman said he hoped policing on Sunday and next Monday would “not be oppressive.” Further commenting he said, “There are normally significant numbers of
police at Notting Hill on the off-chance that something might happen.” He added, “Some people are saying we need to reclaim the streets and show people that they can’t stop us doing what we want to do. Others think cancelling the event might cause a (violent) reaction.” 203 people were arrested over the carnival weekend last year, which is quite similar to the rioting arrest rates, let’s hope there’s no trouble this year and if there is just through some jerk seasoning in their eyes, that stuff is hot!