No More XOXONo More XOXO For Gossip Girl Couple

It’s official it’s over, Gossip Girl co-stars and real life partners Blake Lively, 23 and Penn Badgley, 23 have split according to a representative for the couple.

The pair star in the hit American show as Serena van der Woodsen and Dan Humphrey, whom both, like life, dated and then split. The pair met on set in 2007 before going openly public in 2008 after being snapped being rather affectionate with each other.

Details are scarce on why the showbiz couple have split, but it seems that this break is set to be more amicable than others we have seen. The pair were spotted shopping for sweets together during a break in filming last week, and looked happy whilst on set with each other recently. However last month they were at the Toronto Film Festival but were rarely seen with each other, hinting a break might be on the way.

Badgley recently spoke out about Lively at the film premiere of his new movie ‘Easy A’, stating “I am (proud of her) absolutely”.

It’s sad to see this couple break, but things look like they can remain friends, even if it is just for the cameras.