Fly Home

Buckle up, turn the TV off and close the windows. The exits are behind the bed and the door.

What more comfortable way could there be to fly than from bed. No airline foods and no other passengers. This is a reality for John Davis from Coventry who has a Boeing 747-400 simulator in his spare bedroom. Always having dreamt of being a pilot Mr Davis and an eight member ‘crew’ are going to be flying around the world to raise money for Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance.

The 50 year old spent £18, 000 building the simulator to live his dream of becoming a pilot. Most people buy a car for their mid life crisis.

Good thing he isn’t scared of flying otherwise what a waste of money. Here’s to saving on petrol as well. Flying with all the perks. I wonder if the family get to fly first class.