Nick Clegg Welcomes CommunismOh Nick Clegg, who knows what to make of him.

We know that things are tough over here in the UK, but we would quite like it if someone came to a sensible conclusion already and sorted out this right mess!

Nick Clegg is now proposing a crackdown on ‘abhorrent’ top corporate pay.

“Just as we have been quite tough on unsustainable and unaffordable things in the public sector, we now need to get tough on irresponsible and unjustified behaviour of top remuneration of executives in the private sector.”

Clegg told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, “We need to make sure that people in the public sector do not feel that they are doing all the heavy lifting.” Adding, “I do not mean that the government starts going round setting pay rates in the private sector. I believe people should be well paid if they succeed. What I abhor is people who get paid bucketloads of cash in difficult times for failing.”

We too abhor the fact that they can go to the pub every day, where as we have to restrict it to weekends, but we’re not quite sure how the tories will feel about loosing their caviar money. Lord knows they’re digging their heels in and attempting to privatise education, and getting away with it seemingly well. So we doubt they’ll let go of their bonuses.

…Anyway everyone knows that no one listens to Nick Clegg. Poor chap. Russell Howard illustrates this beautifully below.

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