Boxing - Cotto Gets Revenge Over MargaritoMiguel Cotto avenged his 2008 loss to Antonio Margarito with an excellent display of boxing against the sport’s cartoon villain.

Following the discovery of illegal hardened knuckle pads in his hand-wraps before his 2009 fight with Shane Mosley, Margarito served a year’s suspension. Maragrito denied any knowledge but the incident cast doubt on his victory over Cotto – with Cotto absolutely convinced that Margarito had won illegally.

The build up to this fight was intense, consisting of repeated accusations from Cotto that Margarito was a cheat, repeated accusations from Margarito that Cotto was a cry baby, and the saga involving whether Margarito would be allowed to fight or not.

Margarito’s orbital bone was broken by Manny Pacquiao in 2010, and the Mexican suffered vision problems requiring numerous surgeries. The New York State Athletic Commission held a hearing close to the fight to decide whether he would be allowed to fight, and following further examinations from doctors he was licensed.

It was Margarito’s eye that cost him the fight. It closed up as early as the 3rd round, and Cotto was able to land heavy shots as Margarito plodded forward. Doctors advised referee Steve Smoger (a dead ringer for Dr Robotnik from Sonic the Hedgehog by the way) to stop the fight before the start of the 10th round, and Cotto celebrated his revenge by simply standing in the middle of the ring and staring-out the man he regards as a cheating criminal.

In his post-fight interview, Margarito stated, ‘He hits like a girl.’ Looking at Margarito’s swollen face I never want to be hit by a girl then. I mean, again.

By Peter Simpson
Twitter: @weasel_delight

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