UFC - Bisping Beats MillerAfter losing the first round in the battle of The Ultimate Fighter season 14 coaches, England’s Michael Bisping took control of the fight and defeated Jason Miller by TKO in the third. In fact, the last two rounds were so one-sided that Miller may actually now be the legal property of Bisping.

In the second round Bisping took control, with a gassed Miller attempting to defend Bisping’s striking by wearily bobbing and weaving – only succeeding in helping Bisping to catch him with blows all over his discoloured head.

As much of an obnoxious dickhead as Bisping is, when a crowd is so lazy as to heckle him with chants of ‘USA! USA!’ it’s nice to see the mouthy little bastard come out on top. Miller, to his credit, was gracious in defeat, and asked the crowd to cheer Bisping – possibly hoping that his new master will look kindly upon him and delegate the cleaning of his toilets to someone else.

Before the fight, Bisping was aware that to get a shot at the middleweight belt he’d need to beat a top contender after facing Miller, and had made noises about wanting Chael Sonnen. Following Bisping’s victory Sonnen tweeted ‘Bisping isn’t worth the time.’

That’s just not nice.

By Peter Simpson

Twitter: @weasel_delight

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