International School of SexIf you feel like you’re a bit rubbish in the sack, or simply want to further you shagging skills, well a new school in Austria just might be able to help.

A new school in Austria has started to teach students in the art of lovemaking. The school named The Austrian International Sex School is based in Vienna and offers anyone over the age of 16 lessons in how to be better in bed.

The International Sex School’s headmistress and ex-porn star Ylva-Maria Thompson stated “our core education is not theoretical, but very practical,” with the emphasis of the school being to create better lovers using “sexual positions, caressing techniques and anatomical features.”

Protesters have disagreed with the school, which costs £1,400 a term and suggests to practise amongst each other in the unisex dorm. One protester stated: “This is wrapped up in a very stylish way, but it is just selling sex.”

It’s not just selling any sex, it’s selling good sex.

By David Mahoney

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