IT looks like everybody’s favourite terrorist / freedom fighter (depending on whether you’re American or not, of course) Julian Assange (pictured) wasn’t happy with dipping his glass in the punchbowl with some Swedish girls, if you catch our drift.


Oh no, the creepy founder of WikiLeaks apparently is after a different type of pussy – abusing his former roomate’s cat.


In Daniel Domscheit-Berg’s new book, Inside WikiLeaks, he claims that “Julian was constantly battling for dominance, even with my tomcat Herr Schmitt.”


We question the mental stability of a man who calls his cat Herr Schmitt, but the claims get better.


“Ever since Julian lived with me in Wiesbaden he (the cat) has suffered from psychosis. Julian would constantly attack the animal. He would spread out his fingers like a fork and grab the cat’s throat.”


Instead of trying to arrest Julian like the Sweds, or lead the sheep to believe he’s a threat to national security like the Americans, we think the cat has the best solution for solving the Assange problem.


“He managed to dispatch Julian with a quick swipe of the paw,” Daniel claims.