SOME days, nothing goes right. Especially when you’re a fucking moron.


It was just another night for Cody Wilkins when he broke into a house in Silver Spring in the US. Okay, not his best decision. But it gets worse.


While robbing the house for jewellery he was discovered by the resident’s son. The boy screamed and Wilkins jumped out the window and ran off.


So far so good.


Unfortunately for Wilkins, he left one major piece of evidence behind. His DNA? His Balaclava?


No. He left his mobile phone, which he had plugged into a power socket to charge. Detectives then called a number in the phone and spoke to a woman whom they told Wilkins had been involved in an ‘incident’ and they needed to know his name.


He has now been remanded in custody and is being charged with 10 separate robberies with his bail set at $1million. Police claim there have been 42 robberies of this kind in the area this year.


Wilkins claimed that his house had a blackout and he needed somewhere to charge his phone.


It’s understandable. Last time our office had a blackout, BBM fucked off to the pub, stole money from the till and then left a thank you note with our business card.