HE killed Harry Potter’s parents, released the giant basilisk and loves persecuting muggles but now it seems the evil Lord Voldemort is happy enough just coughing up fur balls.

Yes He-who-shall-not-be-named must have had another hawcrux hidden away in a tray of kitty litter as he’s come back to haunt us in cat form.

Currently known as “Charlie” by rescue centre bosses in Southampton, the poor tabby is having a hard time being rehoused because he had his ears and nose cut off and now bears an uncanny resemblance to You-Know-Who.

Animal welfare assistant Marie Loveridge said: “At first glance, people may be put off because Charlie does look like Lord Voldemort who is the Harry Potter baddie.  But although some people might think Charlie is a bit quirky-looking after having his ears and nose removed, he is still a lovely, playful cat who just adores attention. Charlie has no problems with not having ears or a complete nose – he hears you, smells things as normal and does have the sneezes now and then.”

He’s also house trained, great at chasing rats and can speak the language of snakes.