IF there’s one thing BBM hates more than gays, it’s homophobes. It’s Adam and Eve not Adam and Gary Bushell. Sort it!

So imagine our disgust when we read about a gay homophobe working in Scotland Yard this week.

The lesbian police officer has been accused of homophobia after telling a gay

cop to ‘tone down’ his campness.

The 26-year-old man was told by the chief inspector to stop mincing as he walked around the station and to act more professionally. He’s since been accused of making a “stupid and frivolous” gripe.

“This is ridiculous and brings the service into disrepute,” said former Met Commander John O’Connor. “The chief inspector, who understands what it is like to be gay, is right to have a word with him if his conduct is damaging. This is not because he is gay.”

Of course if he’s not happy with his job, we hear there’s an opening in the Village People…