Nazi-Helmets-a-Bargain-in-BodrumWhilst holidaying in a widely Muslim country the last thing you’d expect to see on offer in a local supermarket is a Nazi helmet right? Well this was just the case for one Brit whilst holidaying in Turkey. Lee Gillet, 50, went to go and pick up some groceries in the Kipa chain supermarket that was bought by Tesco in 2003, only to see the replica helmets on sale in a bargain bin for £8.50 (19.90 lira). The helmets were advertised as Siyah Nazi Kaski, meaning black Nazi helmets. Shocked and outraged Gillet photographed the offending items, and what makes this all the more shocking is that Kipa supermarkets was founded by Jewish entrepreneur Jack Cohen 86 years ago. Now we don’t need to bring up that the Nazi’s executed around six million Jews in World War II do we? We thinking they might need to improve history lessons in Turkey to avoid such appalling oversights in future. Tesco embarrassingly commented on the matter, saying, “The label was created by one store and removed from display when it came to our notice. We are sorry for any offence.”