Deodorant-Being-Developed-for-New-Zealand-BirdsNo it’s not what you’re thinking – despite however much you may think it is needed. The ‘New Zealand birds’ in question are those of the feathered type, and the deodorant that is being developed is there to stop them getting pounced on by those pesky predators.
According to Canterbury University researcher Jim Briskie – and remember, he is an academic mind – the native New Zealand bird population suffer from body odour, which makes them and easy target for animals such as cats and stoats.
What do they smell like you might wonder? Well Jim has thankfully cleared that up for us, saying that the kiwi smells like mushrooms or ammonia, while the kakapo parrot honks like ‘musty violin cases’, which – like any other member of the general public – we can recognize in an instant. This smell possibly has contributed to the fact that these birds are endangered. Or, Mr Briskie, it might be that fact that neither can fly, have evolved in the land of no natural predators and taste a hell of a lot better than Whiskas. We’ve heard anyway…
By David Drummond