George-Michael-on-Self-harm-WatchJailbird George Michael has allegedly been placed on suicide watch, which he will remain on until the end of his stint in Pentonville Prison, despite being in a cushy open prison. Prisoners are said to be placed on self-harm warning if they appear to be depressed or say they cannot cope with prison life. A source commented, “A self-harm warning is typically added if a prisoner gives court security staff reason to fear for their state of mind.” Continuing on the ex-Wham! Singers situation, the source said, “If Michael had told them he did not think he could cope with going to prison and showed signs of mental breakdown, then a self-harm and suicide alert would instantly be filed.” Although word from the joint is that the singer is not depressed and is fine, however we’d probably be on suicide watch too if we were used to living the life of Reilly and driving cars into buildings whilst off our tits on wacky backy and then had to stay indoors for a month watching Day Break and Deal or No Deal day in, day out, only stopping to play Resident evil with a 21-year-old sex offender built like a brick shit house called Kelly.