It’s a fact universally known that brides want to look their best on their wedding day. For most, this may involve watching what they eat for several weeks or perhaps even months before the special date. Arizona bride Susanne Eman is no exception. She too is watching what she eats, but the difference being she watches food constantly – wanting to pile on the pounds instead of shedding them. You see Susanne wants to become the heaviest woman in world, and will not stop eating until she reaches her goal.

The 33-year-old already weighs 57 stone (520 lbs.) but that is a long weigh (lolz) off the 1600lbs. she aspires to be. Her husband-to-be is Chef Peter Clack, who helps feed her 30,000 calories a day, and although he hasn’t actually proposed yet, the two have apparently agreed to get married at some point in the near future. They claim he is waiting for the right moment to pop the question, but we’re guessing there isn’t always much free time seeing as she’s always stuffing her face with 12 egg omelettes. No really, 12, we didn’t just pluck that number from the sky.

Susanne has had a wedding dress made especially for her which consists of 45ft of material and needs three people to carry it. It’s an off-white colour as Susanne is scared of spilling something down it and showing off her canteen medals to everyone.

Despite doctors warning her against eating so much and pilling on even more weight, Susanne claims she is healthy and happy. While large-woman-lover Parker admits he sometimes worries about her health, he does make sure she does some exercise and eats greens every now again so she isn’t a complete salad-dodger. However this attempt is clearly about as helpful as a fart in a spacesuit.

Susanne can’t wait to start planning her big day when she gets to be wheeled down the aisle. The bit she’s most looking forward to is the wedding breakfast. And dinner and cake. Our words, not hers.