As anyone who’s followed the declining quality of BBM over the years will tell you, the print media industry has been going down the tubes for some time now.

Magazines and newspapers will try just about anything to boost circulation figures, just ask Rubert Maxwell and Rebecca Brookes. BBM has even started paying people to read it, and you can regularly find us down at Kings Cross talking to the girls outside Bada Bings until one of them agrees to come back to our house to read the magazine for a small fee of $150 an hour.

But if there’s one newspaper the rest all turn to for innovative and revolutionary ideas, it’s the Grimsby Telegraph. And the Lincolnshire-based rag has come up with a brilliant new way to entice readers – they’ve made the paper smell of fresh bread. No really.

“It was just a bit of fun, and we wanted to give the idea a try to see how it worked,” said soon-to-be-out-of-a-job deputy editor Michelle Hurst (who is actually a man despite being called Michelle).

“It could be the biggest technological breakthrough for newspapers since colour was introduced.”

Well we can definitely smell something Michelle. Bullshit.

The scent’s contained in small capsules which are added to the yellow ink and as the pages move through the press, the plates crush the capsules and the scent is released,” said printing press manager Carl Lawrence, who oversaw the production of the scratch and sniff edition.

“As the ink dries it locks in the scent, which is why you have to scratch it to release the smell.”

Expect The Sun to produce an edition in the shape of a big pair of tits some time in the next couple of years.

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