Imagine how you’d feel if David Cameron’s cock and balls were constantly on display. Not a pleasant image is it. Which is presumably why South African protestors have vandalised a portrait of President Jacob Zuma posing as Vladimir Lenin with his genitals exposed in a Johannesburg gallery, prompting the curator to take down the painting.
The vandalism succeeded where a street protest, a court battle and a pornography probe had so far failed in making the Goodman Gallery remove the painting from an art exhibition about corruption.

A red X was painted over Zuma’s face and cock before black paint was smeared across the image. Two men were arrested for defacing the portrait, and a third man was arrested for spray-painting the gallery’s wall.

We suggest that the gallery puts up those stolen camera-phone shots of Scarlett Johansson with her arse out instead. BBM has ‘defaced’ that image with our ‘spray’ many times.

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