Mariah-Carey-83IT looks like Mariah Carey will actually have an excuse to get fat for once.
The diva is reportedly sperminated with twins, after her and Nick Cannon employed the use of IVF treatment.
And low and behold another big lunged diva is in exactly the same situation, Celine Dion is also up the duff with a double dose of love.
Oh, hang-on, and Angelina Jolie is also preggo, but only with one… we think. Just shows that money can buy you anything these days.
But seriously, it would now appear that Jolie fanatic, Octomum, is now becoming the actresses’ role model.
If the rumours that she is pregnant again are true, this will be Angelina’s seventh child, meaning she only needs to have one more to keep up with Nadya Suleman.