GOTWGame of the week: Ivory Coast v Portugal.
When: 11.30pm, June 15th.
Why: It’s the first big game in the Group of Death and a possible chance to see Ronaldo or Didier Drogba cry. Drogba probably won’t be playing due to an arm injury but we still like the idea of him being upset.
Ones to watch:
Ronaldo (Portugal) Do we really need to explain this one? He might be a knob but he can single-handedly drag Portugal through this tournament.
Yaya Toure (Ivory Coast) With Drogba doubtful, The Elephants will look to Kolo’s younger brother for inspiration. It’s highly likely he’ll be joining his brother at Man City soon after falling out of favour at Barcelona.
Who we’ll be rooting for: Ivory Coast. It would be great to see an African side live up to its potential for once at the World Cup. Plus we’re still needlessly bitter about Portugal, Ronaldo and the whole winking incident from four years ago. Gits.