TIMES are tough back in Ireland and money is hard to come by.

Not so for innovative two-year-old Katie Campbell who has received a €10,000 settlement because a bike fell over in front of her.

We’ll just say that again – it fell over ‘in front’ of her. Not on her.

Admittedly, it fell from a high shelf and, had Katie been under it, would have done her serious damage. But, as we’ve already mentioned twice, she wasn’t under it. She was in front of her.

Katie’s parents reckon she was so traumatised by the incident, which happened in October 2007 (!!!) while browsing in Smyths Toys at Airside Retail Park, Swords, that it severely affected her personality.

Apparently, Katie (now six) afterwards showed signs of anxiety and had nightmares. Because we’re sure the bike hadn’t fallen in front of her, she would never have suffered from anxiety. Or ever had nightmares.

On the basis of symptoms including hypersensitivity to noise such as thunderstorms and fireworks, and an unwillingness to engage with other children, a child psychologist diagnosed her as having suffered a post-traumatic reaction of a moderate type.
It could be just us, but solicitors for two year olds? Child psychologists? We get the feeling Katie’s overprotective parents may already have a fair bit of cash. All BBM got when a plank fell on our head was a slap from dad and the words ‘don’t be such a girl’.