POOR old cripple Valerie Lewis. Despite telling social workers she was a “virtual prisoner in her own home” and that walking outdoors was “virtually impossible”, she’s been stripped of her disability handouts by penny-pinching council officials. How petty can you get?

And what’s the reason they’ve given for this shameful purse-tightening? Well it seems Valerie, who has picked up £40,000 in benefits due to her debilitating condition over the years, is paying the price for simply being captain of the local ladies golf team. And playing four rounds every week. Oh, and she regularly goes horse-riding as well.

Other than that we’re sure her life’s a misery.

The 55-year-old mum of two was exposed as a cheat when investigators acting on a tip-off secretly filmed her teeing off and playing in a competition at the 6,618 yard Sutton Hall Golf Club near Runcorn, Cheshire — and loading her golf buggy and clubs in and out of her car.

“You described a way of life that touched everything you did, both socially and privately in 2001,” Judge Stephen Clark said. “It was a sorry account presented and in due course you were awarded disability living allowance. You made the same application in 2003 and again the same picture was painted… This case brings shame and disgrace on you. When people read about this, they will look at you and think, ‘What a hypocrite’.”