UNFATHOMABLY, it seems we’re in for at least another year of watching talentless twin fuckwits Jedward after their panto performance in Dublin proved such a success, they’re already selling out shows for next year.

With most people in the country struggling to make ends meet, it appears Jedward tickets rank somewhere between bread and water on the list of household necessities.

Despite having no discernable skill or ability, the idiotic pair pocketed more than €100,000 for their role in Cinderella as the Fairy Godbrothers and the show has generated more than €1m in ticket sales.

And following the mantra of ‘striking while the iron’s hot’, all concerned have already signed up for ‘Jedward and the Beanstalk’ in 11 months’ time.

Jedward met another pair of famous brothers over the weekend, when formerly conjoined twins Hassan and Hussein Benhaffaf came to the show.

The two ‘Little Fighters’ made their very own presentation to the older brothers — two matching T-shirts featuring pictures of the toddlers sporting Jedward-style hairdos with ‘The Little Jeds’ printed underneath.

Please, haven’t they suffered enough?