UNLIKE many ‘stars on the rise’, good old Tom Hardy is making a name for himself and extending his fifteen minutes.


After invading our dreams in Inception, Tom landed roles in the new Batman flick as well as picking up Mel Gibson’s garb for the new Mad Max.


We were about to mention that we hoped he ignored Mel’s love of crazy-ass girlfriends when filling his shoes but we are too late – Tom’s been acting as a mentor to our favourite relapser, Lindsay Lohan.


The pair met for dinner last week after being introduced by mutual friends, and according to TMZ he has been “giving Lindsay advice on how to stay sober and Lindsay is seriously listening to him.”


But, despite their outing, Hardy is indeed off the market, after popping the question last year to fellow Brit Charlotte Riley, star of Wuthering Heights.


Meanwhile, Lilo’s attention is firmly on her new roomate, who she met during her court-ordered time at the Betty Ford clinic.