Another week, another occasion where Miley shakes her spine until it’s ready to fall off and calls it twerking. It’s getting to the point where she just needs to go away now. Stop, please. Stop it. But no, she’s still relevant. She’s a PR team’s dream; always up for unnecessary behaviour at every celebrity event leading to every media outlet feeding off the hype.
This time her bad publicity campaign stopped off at the EMAs. Upon accepting an award for…….for er…I don’t know “Bad Bitch Contest” or something because it’s definitely not her music, she took to her purse and unveiled a blunt which she lit live on TV, much to the dismay of some fans.
This provides us with ample opportunity to reminiscence and compare the former hill-billy queen’s outlook on life before she became the poster girl for that thug life.
“I want to keep my virginity until I marry. I was brought up in a Christian family.”
– Admirable, the virginity is a sacred entity that more of us should preserve until our time and we shouldn’t feel pressured into……wow, there’s a lot of rappers in her videos now.
“I think that everyone should leave twitter. I think Twitter should be banned from this universe.”
– @MileyCyrus – 5,895 tweets
“I think we’re both deeper than normal people – what they think and how they feel. Liam is very grateful for what he has, but he doesn’t let it go to his head. I’m like that too.”
– That all sounds pretty humble until a recent Notion magazine interview….
“You think I’m a ratchet white girl, but I’m living everyone’s dream.”
– She just counter-punched herself and reminded me how shit my life is.
“I think Zac Efron is the hottest person in the world. I really, really like him”
– Zac Efron’s male?