Anyone who’s lived in Australia for an extended period of time will have experienced the horrors of a long coach journey.

But the experience was particularly bad for 22-year-old
Tim McLean while on board a Greyhound Lines bus in western Canada.

McLean had just nodded off while listening to his iPod when fellow passenger Vince Li suddenly stood up and repeatedly stabbed McLean. As horrified passengers fled, Li then carved up the body before eating parts of it and displaying his victim’s head to those outside.

Suddenly having a bit of cramp on the way to Brisbane doesn’t seem so bad.

What was McLean’s crime? Apparently looking a bit like an alien.

“The voice told me that I was the third story of the Bible, that I was like the second coming of Jesus [and that] I was to save people from a space alien attack,” Li said. Well when you put it like that, it all sounds quite reasonable.

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