Praise to the Lord for the miracle of climate change. Thanks to the King of Kings, more and more sharks are heading north away from Australia’s beaches. Unfortunately for Britain, they’re going to the sunny shores of Cornwall instead.

Residents in Looe, a small coastal town in the only English county shaped like an old man’s drooping penis, were left stunned after a 10-foot shark swam within meters of onlookers last month.

It spent an hour swimming in front of the harbour before eventually finding its way back to the open sea.

“It’s really unusual to see them there in the harbour. He went right in close to the people, I’d say he was around 8ft away,” said Looe lifeboat operations manager Dave Haines.

“I saw one there 20 years ago, and we think that was the last sighting, so I couldn’t believe it when I saw this one.”

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