It’s well-known that socioeconomic factors play a big role in how well a child does at school. Kids from broken homes, rough areas or low-income families are much less likely to do well than their better-off peers, regardless of how intelligent they are.
However, when a boy has been put though £28,000-a-year private school and still comes out at the end with a single, solitary GCSE, it’s a fairly safe assumption that the lad’s a fucking idiot.
And it’s easy to see where he gets it from, as his father, Scott Craddock, is now suing Abbotsholme School because of his son’s shit exam results.
Cranky Craddock, 57, wants back the £125,000 he paid in fees claiming the college in Rocester, Staffordshire, failed to deliver on its promises of academic success.
“In my opinion the school is not value for money in any way, shape or form,” he said. “The teachers said he would come away with at least five GCSE’s – but he has got one.”
Well at least one family member can count.