Man Shoots 9cm Nail Into Head, and Doesn’t NoticeAn Illinois man (funny, another Yank) recently made headlines after he shot himself in the head with a nail gun – but didn’t really notice.

Dante Autullo, from Orland Park, Illinois, was doing a bit of DIY when the nail gun unexpectedly went off near his head. Although, as he only had a small cut, Autullo assumed
the nail had missed and so went merrily off to plow some snow.

However, two days later Autullo felt a bit sick after a nap and so took himself off to the hospital for a check up where an X-ray revealed that the 9cm nail had in-fact gone into his head.

The nail had become lodged right in the centre of his brain – only millimetres away from the section that controls motor function.

Naturally, the very first thing Autullo did was post a picture of the X-ray on his facebook wall, which was so shocking, his family and friend’s thought it was a hoax. Sadly not.

American surgeons once again got to cash-in on the stupidity of their fellow countrymen when they removed the nail from Autullo’s brain and replaced the damaged bit of skull with a
titanium plate.

Bets are on they’ll see Autullo again – probably following a ‘how hard is my new skull’ drinking game.

By Rebecca Jones
Twitter: @RebeccaEJones

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