Luis Suarez jokesWe don’t know if you heard but Luis Suárez scored a late equaliser for Liverpool during their 2-2 draw with Premier League rivals Chelsea over the weekend.
Oh yeah and he also bit Branislav Ivanovic.
While poor Ivanovic recovers – and Suárez awaits his final punishment from the Football Association – here’s a selection of the best jokes sent into us by you lovely lot.

I think Liverpool may have bitten off more than they can chew… Phil, Gloucester

Suárez has been accused of making a complete meal of things this season. Paul, High Wycombe

To be fair to Suárez, he is the only player in a poor Liverpool side that provides a bit of bite. Andy, Scotland

Luis Suárez has announced he’s leaving Liverpool at the end of the season.
He’s been offered 200 grand a week on The Walking Dead. Julie, Enfield

Liverpool physio just asked Suárez who he wanted for pre-game meal next match. Rodney, Twickenham

I’d rather have Suárez bite me than have Giggs shag my missus. Or Rooney shag my Nan. Dan, Epsom

It’s good to see that Suárez has finally tasted Champions League success. Rick, Yorkshire

What’s Luis Suárez’s favourite day of the week?
Chewsday. Evelyn, County Durham

Luis Suárez really took a chunk out of Chelsea’s defence league on Sunday. Aimee, Fulham

Luis Suárez will miss the rest of the season with a ban imposed by the FA following the biting incident at Anfield.
Branislav Ivanovic will miss the rest of the season due to rabies. Grant, Essex

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